Thank you to Mork Gym from Norway for supporting Ukraine

Thank you very much to all the team at Mork Gym and to Eirik Jørgensen for sponsoring this food basket. With the help of supporters like you, we are continuing to help the people in Ukraine.

This family are refugees from the town of Kivsharivka in the Kharkiv region. Valentina says: “When the invaders besieged the city, it was not easy for all of us… They kicked us out of our homes, took our property, and those who resisted were mercilessly beaten and tortured. After a certain time, they allowed us to leave the city, but only women and children, all the men were held captive. We walked for a long time to get out of the occupied territory to finally reach a safe place.”

The boys Kyryl and Yehor are well-known wrestlers in the Kharkiv region. They won many competitions and say that they miss it a lot. They are now slowly recovering from the horrors that they witnessed and want to practice their favorite sport again. The teenagers are very grateful to Mork Gym for their great help.

2 thoughts on “Thank you to Mork Gym from Norway for supporting Ukraine

  1. Merci beaucoup Mork Gym pour votre aide!
    Kyryl et Yegor, continuez à exercer votre sport favori!!! Nous sommes certains que la guerre se terminera bientôt. L’Ukraine a besoin les gens talentueux comme vous pour la représenter dans les compétitions sportives!!!! Nous croyons fort que votre vie sera heureuse!!!

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