MUCH NEEDED: Fundraiser for a van

At this moment we look to increase the possibility to deliver food, medicine and much more to areas all around Ukraine. We are trying to support as much people as possible, but for now we use a small sedan that was kindly leased to us for the humanitarian needs. For the moment we can only deliver 4-6 food baskets at a time which is very low, especially when there is a lot of travelling involved. Hundreds of thousands of families need help in Ukraine and we need a way to reach as many of them as possible.

For this reason , we would kindly ask the support of people all around the world to help us purchase a van in which we will be able to transport food, medicine and much more. Also, we will be using that car to transport refugees to hospitals or to have families reunited.

We are looking to buy a used van for the price of 20 000$ USD. This would be an enormous help to our common project.