About the Global Humanitarian project “LIFE”

The Global Humanitarian project “LIFE” was created to help the people in Ukraine

Thank you very much for your help and your support. As you know, Ukraine is currently going through very difficult times. Many regular people are in a very unfortunate situation. The humanitarian situation is very bad in the country. Many people are forced to leave their homes and the number of refugees is growing every day. Also, a lot of people and kids simply do not have access to fundamental needs like food, hygienic products, medicine or even a roof to pass a safe night. In many Ukrainian cities the situation is very dangerous.

We cannot stand aside and we are trying to do our part to help as much as we can. That is why we are creating fund raisers in different parts of the world. Our goal is to mainly help the refugees, kids, elderly people, families in need, orphanages, hospitals and pets that people had to leave behind.

We are distributing food, medicine, toys, fuel for cars, food for animals and much more. At this moment, many stores in Ukraine are out of stock. In some regions it is simply impossible to even go buy food, everything is closed.

With your help, we are able to provide people who are suffering from this conflict with basic needs. We really appreciate all the support from everybody around the world who are helping us with providing aid to the people in Ukraine.

Part of our team is located in Ukraine and that is why we are able to directly help the people in need. Our staff is working hard to find the people who really need help and to bring them everything that they require. Every day, we are trying to help as much people as we can. Thank you again very much for your time and your help.

Kind regards,

Team of the Global Humanitarian Project “LIFE”