A story that will make you shiver

Today, our team was able to help many families thanks to caring people from all over the world. At the beginning of June, this family experienced pure horror… When rockets flew into their house, they were saved by the fact that the whole family was in the building. Unfortunately, their neighbors and friends were not so lucky. That day, about twenty people died in the yard of their apartment building and more than thirty were seriously injured. “These days will be imprinted in us for the rest of our lives, when children screamed from fear and pain, everything burning, bullets and shrapnel flying over our heads, sparing no one and nothing…” – says Lyudmila.

Luckily, Lyudmila and her family were able to evacuate the city of Kharkiv the next day. They shared with us the photos that were taken during those terrible days. The only thing that this family currently wants is to have peace in Ukraine and to enjoy life again.

Thank you very much to Paul-Louis Mourcel from France for sponsoring this food basket. With your help, we were able to make Lyudmila’s family smile again.

2 thoughts on “A story that will make you shiver

  1. We hope that Lyudmila and her family will be happy again!

    Thank you all the people who help the ukrainian families!!! Together we will win!

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