Delivering food by mail all around Ukraine

Everyday, we help as many people as possible in Ukraine by delivering food baskets in person or by post all around the country ????????

Here is the story of the family that will soon receive this grocery basket in Kyiv:

Anastasia and her son Matviy are refugees from the beautiful city of Dnipro. They currently live in a rented apartment in Kyiv. The young mother is currently raising her four-year-old son, she is a single mother. All of Anastasia’s relatives have left Ukraine, she misses them very much and hopes with faith in her heart that they will be reunited as soon as possible. Matviy is also very eager to return to his friends in his kindergarten. ????????

Thank you very much to the Sopiha family and Nataliia Sopiha from Sweden ???????? for sponsoring this food basket in Ukraine

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