Word from the founder of the project

Good day to all,

Just wanted to thank everyone again for the support and say a few words about the creation of the Global Humanitarian Project “LIFE” and myself.

When in February 2022 the war in Ukraine began, I was already in the country for quite some time as some facilities of our sports manufacturing company are in Ukraine. I then had a choice, to leave the country as the Canadian Embassy was suggesting to me or stay and help. Being a Ukrainian-Canadian from Montreal, I decided to stay to help the people in need.

For me it was a very easy choice, I decide to stay. Even if I knew that conducting business from Ukraine would be very difficult for obvious reasons and it was simply unknown if we would even survive. Also, I was supposed to do MBA at Laval University and my Master’s in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnique Montréal. Two of the very prominent Universities in Canada. Therefore, I put my studies and work on hold and risked it all to stay and help the regular people as much as possible.

The first several months of the war were very uncertain and very scary. The Russians were gaining a lot of territories from all sides and they were just on the outskirts of Kyiv with plans to storm it. In the city when we are, Poltava, it was very tense also.

People were building barricades, digging trenches and preparing to defend the city. All of the people were involved in the defense preparation, of course, I was among my friends and neighbors. Part of our production facilities are in Poltava. Also, my mother’s side is from Poltava and its region. I love this city and its people very much and we were ready to defend it.

The Global Humanitarian Project “LIFE” was created at that time, just after the start of the war. With the help of our many supporters and donors from around the world we started to help the Ukrainians that were in need. We started with delivering food, medicine, helping the elderly, people who needed medical attention, providing people with housing and much more.

To this day, we are continuing to help the people in Ukraine and we are not slowing down. The war is still in progress, it is still scary, there are still hundreds of thousands of families who do not have a roof over their head and who do not have access to regular needs like food. With the winter approaching, the situation in the country can simply become catastrophic without your support.

Thank you to everybody for continuing to support our project and Ukraine. Your help today is more important than ever.

With kind regards,
Dmitry Razumyeyev

Founder of the Global Humanitarian Project ‘’LIFE’’

Phone number in Canada: +1-514-595-8173
Phone number in Ukraine: +38-095-193-8311