Nobody is safe in Ukraine. Thank you all for the support.

This is the story of another family we are helping. Thank you all for your support (

This family is from Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). They have been living in Poltava almost since the first days of the war. On the picture, you can see Elena with her husband Serhiy, son Andriy and mother Maria. In Kramatorsk, they lived near the airfield, so they witnessed hell when bombs started to fall on the airfield and the houses around the area.

Unfortunately, just before the war, Serhiy was diagnosed with a tumor that needed to be removed immediately. That is why the family could not be evacuated rapidly and they stayed with him in the hospital. Fortunately, the surgery was successful despite loud sirens and constant shelling. Serhiy is now going through a stage of recovery. The family hopes that this crazy war will soon be over and that they will be able to return home. ????????

Thank you very much to Yuliya Bilinskaya from Sweden ???????? for sponsoring this food basket.

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